Thursday, 26 June 2014

Training at Sassoon Academy

Hello all, Talia here! Guess what?! I've just graduated from my 4 week Sassoon's course in London with a shiny new diploma! I'm so grateful to be give the opportunity by my bosses Melanie and Richard. I am so pleased to say that I have completed the course and have learnt so much. 


Whilst being on the course I've gained so much more confidence and precision in cutting hair. I've learnt ways to personalise and give each client a cut that is easy for them to manage and love at home as well as a new way of blow drying hair in a way in which is easy to do for you at home. I've learnt a whole new way of cutting hair to create new shapes and creations, I can't wait to put the new techniques that I have learnt into use and create stunning hair!


After passing my assessments and exams I am now ready to bring back everything I have learnt to the salon and give people even more fabulous haircuts at only £23 so why not come in and see me!
Call 01733 553600 for appointments :) 


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