Saturday, 22 March 2014


After searching on the Internet for an answer to the question salon vs. supermarket shampoo, it seemed everything pointed in one direction.

On price difference, the salon and supermarket shampoos and conditioners were pretty much the same, even though a supermarket shampoo was about the fifth of the price of a salon shampoo, you only need to use about a fifth as much due to the concentration.


The main ingredient in most products is water, but salon versions use a small percentage in the overall product. This is why you will use a much smaller amount of the salon product.

When it comes to quality of a product, the salon version contains much higher concentrates of the right active ingredients. These are the parts that will do the most good for your hair, the main ingredients are sulphates, which are the cleanser and foaming agents. Salon shampoo s contain higher quality sulphates and some are sulphate free. Cheaper, lower quality sulphates can cause colour fade if they are too harsh and can be found in higher concentrates in supermarket shampoos. 


If you're tempted by supermarket shampoos and conditioners with big names such as L'oreal or Herbal Essences, bear in mind that these are cheaper because of the lower quality of ingredients and the lack of concentration and higher water content.

If you use cheaper shampoos and conditioners, you will probably experience build-up after a while, making your hair dull and less easy to style.

As a last thought, if supermarket brands were as good as salon versions, wouldn't salons be using the cheaper supermarket brands too?


Friday, 7 March 2014


The hot new hair trend that will make your 2014!

Are you thinking of going for dip-dye or adding some bright/pastel colours to your hair?  Are you limited on colour because of your job and want some colour in your life? if you are just wanting to experiment with the latest catwalk inspired tones but are worried about the commitment then ‘Chalking’ is for you!


This ultra cool and modern hair trend gives an instant splash of colour to any hair colour. Although home hair colour is a definite NO NO from our team, this technique is a great way of adding colour to your hair and keeping bang on trend! Lets have some fun ACCESSORISE YOUR HAIR!


So how do you do it? Lets Chalk about it! 

Wipe on and it'll wash out! 

STEP ONE is to purchase youre favourite dalzzling colours from our salon 
STEP TWO Take your chosen piece of hair with one hand and have your chalk in the other and gently wipe it on 
STEP THREE straighten over your chalked hair (not forgetting heat protector of course) and finish your style with some hairspray then BOOM! A non damaging colour phenonmenon! 

What colours can you have? PINK, BLUE, PURPLE, ORANGE, CORAL, GREEN!
ONLY £11.99 EACH!

Why not add some excitement to your working day, stand out from the crowd on a night out or simply add a bit of colour to a dull day, especially in time for Spring/Summer 2014! Even celebrities such as Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, Beyoncè AND Nikki Minaj are using the chalk, if its good enough for them - its good enough for us! 

Look at the girls rocking it! CHALK THIS WAY INTO A FABULOUS NEW TREND! Any further queations? Give us a call on 01733 553600!